How to build a farm operated by villagers in Minecraft 1.17

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 28, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

By manipulating villager AI, smart Minecraft players can grow an infinite amount of crops and harvest them automatically. 

This automatic Minecraft farm is a little tricky to set up, but the payoff comes in the form of infinite food. This automatic farm only requires some iron to get started and it runs completely independently thanks to a handy villager. Infinite potatoes, carrots, and wheat can all be grown using this method.

The first step will be to transport a villager to a suitable building spot. The only location requirement is a clear patch of dirt for the crops to grow in. The fastest way to move villagers is by putting a boat close to their feet and paddling them to your Minecraft autofarm’s intended location.

Use glass to create a two-block tall perimeter around the villager. Leave a few spots on the top layer empty. If the farm is too large, your water source won’t reach the plants on the edge. In the example farm, each side is nine blocks long. 

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The next step is to provide a water source for the plants. Dig out the central square and insert a slab followed by water from a bucket. This half-block of water is enough to irrigate the entire grid. Place a composter on top of the water. This will trick the villager into constantly operating the farm. Once released from the boat, they should don a straw hat to reflect their new profession.

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In addition to water, farms in Minecraft require a light source. Fill in the walls you left earlier with non-glass blocks and place torches facing the inside. Now you’ll have to determine which side of the villager farm will be the front. Destroy a column of glass, dig one block under it, and then two blocks to the side. Place a large chest under the glass wall and place a hopper next to it. 

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Next place a wall-aligning rail on top of the hopper and a hopper minecart on top of that. Destroy the rail so that the hopper minecart becomes stuck in place. Place a trapdoor on top of the hopper minecart and build an arch above it. With the help of another villager, this will be your crop delivery system.

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Replace the ground-level block in front of the minecart setup with a slab and force a second villager onto it. Lock them in place with blocks and all that’s left is to till the soil and plant your preferred Minecraft crops. When the farm villager attempts to trade with the delivery villager, the items will fall into the hoppers and wind up in your chest. The farming villager will take a while to begin depositing food, but the supply will be nearly endless once they get going.