Tex at VCT Ascension

Tex joins Leviatán to complete the roster

By George Geddes


Oct 13, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Latin American organization Leviatán has signed German-North American player Ian “tex” Botsch to the Valorant roster, it was announced last night. 

Tex is the latest addition to the roster following his stint with The Guard, where the player famously earned Ascension with the rest of the team but was released by the organization following an internal restructuring. 

But Tex will be able to compete in the VCT Americas league, just like the rest of his former teammates on G2 Esports, since he has signed with Latin American team Leviatán. The Chilean team was selected by Riot Games to be entered into the Americas-partnered league. 

Tex had a successful stint with The Guard 

Tex was popularized in the Valorant professional scene following his pick-up on The Guard in the Challengers circuit this year. 

He joined the team with high expectations placed on him since he was to take on the duelist role. To perform well alongside some of the best players in Challengers at the time made him a formidable player for the team. 

But he was not selected to be a part of the roster moving forward following internal discussions with the rest of The Guard core. The three players; Jacob “valyn” Batio, Michael “neT” Bernet, and Trent Cairns selected Jonah “JonahP” Pulice to join the team, while tex was left sidelined. 

G2 Esports is in the process of signing a different duelist to join the team for next year. Tex will look to get his revenge on his previous teammates next year with Leviatán, and he’s got some impressive teammates to boot. 

One of the best players in the world, Erick “aspas” Santos, joined the team and was announced by the organization yesterday. 

Leviatán, alongside G2 Esports, will compete in the VCT Americas league next year, which will begin at the start of 2024.