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Tekken 8 ultimate and deluxe editions revealed

By Kenneth Williams


Aug 24, 2023

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Tekken 8 is for the fans and Bandai Namco is putting out special editions at multiple price points.

Collector’s editions have become an expected part of every major video game release, and fighting games are no exception. After Street Fighter 6 rolled out its fancy high-end version, Tekken developer Namco Bandai is responding with its own slew of premium editions for Tekken 8.

If you want more than just the standard package, here’s info on all the editions of Tekken 8 coming out on January 26, 2024.

All Tekken 8 editions content explained

The first version of Tekken 8 is the base, which includes all of the game’s standard content with all release characters. That version of the game doesn’t have a confirmed price, but it will most likely cost $70 on current-generation consoles and PC.

The deluxe edition of Tekken 8 will come with several extras in addition to the full game on January 26. Each character gets a special gold suit costume as well as a golden Kinjin skin for your lobby avatar.

Lastly, the trailer that confirmed the deluxe edition also confirmed the first season of four DLC characters. By purchasing the deluxe edition, players will get access to all four Season 1 characters. No price has been revealed, but expect it to cost either $90 or $100 at launch.

Next up is the ultimate edition, which comes with all of the goods mentioned above as well as avatar skins based on Kazuya, Jin, and Jun. It also comes with 32 avatar t-shirts based on classic art from all across the Tekken series. Considering the relatively small increase in value, the ultimate edition of Tekken 8 will probably be around $10 more expensive than the deluxe version.

Tekken 8 premium collector's editions

Lastly, the crown jewel of all Tekken 8 versions is the premium collector’s edition. This top-end collection comes with physical goods to celebrate the release. Here are all the goods included with the collection in addition to the ones above. Expect a price tag above $250.

  • 25-centimeter Jin statue
  • Arcade token 
  • Character card set
  • Leroy Smith metal ring with pouch
  • Premium game box
  • Steelbook with custom art

Gamers who purchase any version of Tekken 8 before the January 26 release date will also get some small pre-order bonuses. All platforms will get a custom Paul Phoenix lobby avatar based on his original avatar, complete with sky-high hair.

PlayStation 5 players will get two more lobby avatars based on series mascot Mokujin. That console-specific bundle includes skins based on Mokujin and Tetsujin made of wood and steel respectively.


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