Teeqo accuses FaZe Clan of not caring about him or other creators

By Olivia Richman


Mar 12, 2023

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Long-time content creator Jakob “Teeqo” Swaerden has accused FaZe Clan of not supporting him during his time with the esports organization.

Teeqo is a member of FaZe Clan, where he streams Fortnite and other games. While he is still on the org, he recently took to YouTube to post a video outlining some issues he has with FaZe Clan. On March 12, Teeqo said that the higher-ups at the org “never gave two f—s” about him despite being a part of the org for 12 years.

In the video, Teeqo discussed how the owners were full of “fake promises” and treated newer members a lot better than him, including better pay.

“Someone else can come in as late as last year, who’s not from this industry, never lifted a finger for FaZe, probably didn’t even know what FaZe was, and get three times the amount of shares that I have, and an annual salary that’s more money than I’ve ever been paid by FaZe,” Teeqo said.

Teeqo opens up about problems with FaZe Clan

Teeqo posted a YouTube video as a seemingly last resort, claiming that he tried to solve his various problems with the org privately. This, unfortunately, went nowhere for “f—ing years.”

“Everyone has made it very clear that I’m not an owner and I’m not even near any of the top dogs and I don’t matter for s—. You have shown me over and over and over again that I don’t mean shit to you all,” Teeqo ranted. “I know my place and they’ve made it very sure what my place is.”

While Teeqo said, he’s fine not being a “leader” at FaZe Clan but has become frustrated with fake promises and lies and not taking responsibility for mistakes.

According to Teeqo, he has only signed one contract with FaZe over the past 12 years — and it’s the same one that Turner “Tfue” Tenney previously sued the organization for. Teeqo’s contract was terminated, but he was never provided with further contracts, raises, or promotions. He’s been in a “grey” zone for a while, not being given any ownership benefits but not being given proper pay for his work.

He said: “I always thought I was just building, so I never asked for anything. But either you have to include me with you guys at a smaller scale or pay me. You can’t even pay me a little bit for the Champions photoshoot? I never asked for anything and just said yes and yes and yes because I thought I was going to be included with y’all.”

Instead, Teeqo watched newcomers get three times the amount of shares and a bigger salary.

FaZe Rain also exposes FaZe Clan

Teeqo is not the first Clan member to speak up. Nordan “Rain” Shat discussed his issues with FaZe Clan in late 2022, accusing them of not paying him a “single dollar” for brand deals or some of his work. He also claimed FaZe Clan owed him a lot of money.

Rain went on to discuss some creator mistreatment and issues with viewership. So far, Rain hasn’t dropped any major bombs as he claimed he would in 2022, but said if he wanted to “burn down” the org he could.

“You need people like me more than I need you,” Teeqo said. “You need people like me, FaZe. I can’t believe I had to make this video and say all these things. ‘Cause you would never take me seriously and you never gave two f—s about me. ‘Cause I apparently bring zero value.”

Teeqo added that he was ready to burn all his bridges with FaZe Clan and was fine with them even hating him. It’s worth it, he said, to do the right thing and expose how FaZe Clan has treated him and other creators.


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