Team Secret is taking a vacation after winning 6 straight events

Chase Mulonas • June 30, 22:50

Team Secret manager Matthew “CyborgMatt” Bailey has announced that the team will be taking a one-month break from competitive Dota 2.

With the overwhelming number of online leagues that have popped up in Dota 2 over recent months, Team Secret has been more active than ever. That has led to overwhelming success for Secret, but the constant grind has taken a toll on the team. To help stay fresh and mentally focused, the team is taking a few weeks off to recover:

Secret has enjoyed an almost unparalleled level of success over the last few months.

With the team’s most recent victory in the BEYOND EPIC Europe and CIS league, Secret has taken first place in six straight tournaments. What’s more impressive is that each of those tournaments had finals where Secret took a 3-0 win.

That list includes fierce competition in OG, Team Liquid, Alliance, Natus Vincere, VP Prodigy, and Team Nigma, none of which gave Secret a run in crunch time.

Secret’s exceptional performances aren’t just limited to the playoffs, however. With its victory at BEYOND EPIC, Secret broke Alliance’s 2013 record for the best 100-game record, going 85-15 compared to the legendary Swedish squad’s 83-17. That isn’t just a coincidence either, as disclosed by Dota 2 statman Ben “Noxville” Steenhuisen. There may not be a chink in Secret’s armor for opponents, even elite ones, to take advantage of.

With the team absolutely dominating the online format, only one question remains. When the time finally comes, will Team Secret be able to transition their online form into a live environment?

Precedent suggests yes, as the team looked untouchable during its first-place run through the DreamLeague Season 13 major.

As of now, there are only a few major Dota 2 competitions announced for the month of July for the EU and CIS regions. The next prominent live tournament where Secret may take part is the WePlay! Pushka League Season 2, which starts on August 13.


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