Team Secret launches new AFK beer for esports fans

By Tom Beer


Sep 12, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Team Secret, which competes in such games as Dota 2 and Fortnite, has announced the creation of a new esports-themed alcoholic beverage called AFK. 

The organization has teamed up with US-based brewing company Levant Brewery to create the first ever esports branded beer. The announcement describes the beer as a craft beer that will appeal to beer enthusiasts while still not being too intense for the more casual drinker.

Approachably delightful for the casual fan, but with appropriate depth in its flavor profile for the more serious enthusiast. This unfiltered IPA expression projects a mesmerizing goldenrod-colored hue with a refreshing, low-bitterness mouthfeel,” the announcement reads.

The black and silver can is emblazoned with the Team Secret logo as well as the letters AFK. The letters are an acronym related to the practice of having to step away from gaming for a moment, and as such being “Away From Keyboard.” 

After a successful tasting for influencers, media, and prominent figures at big Dota 2 event The International 2019, where Team Secret’s Dota 2 squad placed fourth and claimed just over $2 million in prizes, the beer will now be made available worldwide at esports venues, bars, and restaurants. 

The launch of the product will coincide with Team Secrets’ aim of becoming a truly global esports brand.

They have also included in their announcement that the beer should be enjoyed responsibly. 

The esports industry is already familiar with beverage brands such as Red Bull and Monster Energy, however this will be the first endemic beer brand in the esports space. There are also a range of products available such as apparel and of course computer accessories such as keyboards and chairs, all created by various brands. 

As esports continues to grow and the markets increase, there will likely be more brands that create new and varied products focused on the esports industry and its audience.


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