Team Liquid introduces Pro Lab to Alienware Training Facility

Olivia Richman • August 16, 2022 5:56 pm

Team Liquid has revealed its new Alienware Training Facility today, showcasing new tech and creative spaces.

Team Liquid has been working on restructuring and redesigning its Alienware Training Facility for a few years and revealed the new look on August 16. The facility was split up into two areas, one side for esports and the other an open office.

On the esports side, Team Liquid built two large scrimming spaces with extra seating, two streaming pods equipped with the latest technology, and VOD reviewing lounges. The biggest addition was the Pro Lab.

The Pro Lab comes from a project between Alienware and Team Liquid, “with the goal of setting a new standard of how esports athletes go about esports training.” It includes Dell Precision 7920 workstations that record all player feeds to an in-house server for real-time replay, enabling coaches to access live views of individual players’ streams.

The Pro Lab is utilized by analysts to better understand each players’ performance and why they perform the way they do. Team Liquid partnered with Brain First to study players’ performances with a focus on cognitive ability and brain function. The collected data from the Pro Lab will potentially help the organization understand how players react to stressful situations as well as show how to help them with brain function and longer-lasting performance.

Other updates to Team Liquid’s new training facility

On top of the Pro Lab, Team Liquid also showcased new scrimming areas with extra seating for substitutes and staff. Attached to the scrimming rooms was a lounge to watch VODs, including a 4K projector that can be paused and written on by coaches.

Between the two new scrimming rooms, which were a contrasting black and white, were two streaming pods decked out in the best streaming tech available.

The open office was another updated area in the Alienware Training Facility. The open space was surrounded by breakout rooms and war rooms, each with its own unique function.

Merch unsurprisingly had its own area as well. Team Liquid also redid its entire kitchen, creating a larger area for full-time esports chef Heidi Marsh and a lounge area for staff and players to chat. Team Liquid’s new Alienware Training Facility is definitely above and beyond what most esports organizations have right now.


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