Team BDS destroys Golden Guardians at Worlds 2023

By Melany Moncada


Oct 9, 2023

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Team BDS qualified for Worlds 2023 after defeating Golden Guardians in the 2023 Worlds Qualifying Series.

Europe remains the superior region in the battle of the West. BDS took down Golden Guardians with a clean 3-0 victory and is advancing to the Play-In Stage at Worlds 2023.

The Qualifying Series was one of the hardest series to predict. Both BDS and Golden Guardians had underwhelming Summer seasons. The teams shared a similar story. When they were good, they were outstanding. When they were bad, better not to watch.

Given the inconsistency of both squads, predictions on esports betting and online slots sites were mixed. In the end, BDS showed a consistent and controlled performance. BDS played by the book, investing in vision control in the enemy jungle, fighting only in favorable terms.

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Golden Guardian’s disappointing performance is leaving the LCS fans worried. Historically, only one LCS team has made it out of the group stage. In 2023, Riot Games got rid of the group stage in favor of a Swiss bracket. You cannot fail to make it out of the group stage if there is no group stage.

Team Liquid, NRG, and Cloud9 remain in the event and will look to secure a spot in the Knockout Stage starting on October 19. There still is some hope for the LCS and its team’s performance at Worlds 2023.

When does BDS play next?

BDS will play against Team Whales on October 11 in Round 1 of the Play-In Stage.

BDS is two best-of-three and one best-of-five series away from making it to the main event. Whether they can make it or not remains to be seen. BDS showed an average performance that could not be enough against a better team.

If they qualify for the main event, BDS would be facing JD Gaming, Gen.G, or NRG in the first round.


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