Team BDS advances to Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage

By Melany Moncada


Oct 15, 2023

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Team BDS pulled off a reverse sweep against PSG Talon and is advancing to the Swiss Stage at Worlds 2023.

BDS put an end to all the doubters after securing a victory over PSG in the final Qualification series. The challenging series started with two solid victories by PSG, but when it mattered most, BDS got the job done.

A significant part of the team’s success comes from the hand of top laner Adam “Adam” Maanane and his off-meta picks. Adam opted for Olaf and Garen, two of his iconic champions. There was nothing that PSG could do to stop Adam once he got comfortable on the Summoner’s Rift.

Throughout the Play-In stage, there have been many questions about BDS and their ability to perform against stronger teams. The results against Golden Guardians in the Worlds Qualifying Series did nothing to reassure the fans.

BDS needs to find space to grow comfortable. Otherwise, they cannot find their footing. In multi-game series, they can get away with it. In a best of one against another team from a major region, the story will be different.  

Worlds 2023 Main Event Schedule

The Worlds 2023 action resumes on October 19 with round one of the Swiss Stage.

16 teams will enter the Swiss Stage, and only eight will advance to the Knockout Stage. According to the Swiss format, whichever team achieves three wins secures a spot on the next stage. Teams that lose three games are out of the tournament.

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The matches for round one are:

  • Gen.G vs. GAM Esports
  • NRG vs. Weibo Gaming
  • G2 Esports vs. Dplus KIA
  • JD Gaming vs. Team BDS
  • T1 vs. Team Liquid
  • Cloud9 vs. MAD Lions
  • Bilibili Gaming vs. KT Rolster
  • Fnatic vs. LNG Esports

The schedule for round two will be determined by the results of round one.


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