Take a first look at the new CSGO map remake of de_tuscan

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Legendary Counter-Strike 1.6 map Tuscan is back, with a reworked version to be released by the creator  Colin “Brute” Volrath.

Ever since the initial release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2012, fans have been asking for the return of Tuscan. The map, with a history dating back to the 1.6 version of the game, has been reported as being worked on for the past two years. 

In September 2020, community figure Nors3 released a first hint at how the map would look in CSGO. He subsequently asked for CSGO pros to test the map and give feedback. Brute and fellow mapmaker catfood have now released a temporary version of the reworked map.

The map is not yet available to the greater community, but streamer and ex-pro Erik “fl0m” Flom was given a tour by the mapmakers. In a recent video, he discusses the many changes the makers have made to the map.

Old map tuscan has been reworked for CSGO before   

While the map was never included in CSGO, there has been an earlier attempt to rework the map for the game. In 2014, Brute uploaded a version of the map in CSGO’s workshop. The map was used in an exhibition match featuring Virtus.pro and Team Liquid. 

The map had the same layout as did the original version, but Brute updated the graphics, lighting, and skyboxes. He kept tweaking the map, fixing various bugs and smaller problems, but that version of the map hasn’t received an update since 2015.

As Valve never showed interest in using that version of the map in CSGO, Brute stopped developing it. Instead, he started focusing on a full remake of the map.

After years of work and rumors, the map is now in a state that Brute feels comfortable showing to the public. Whether Valve will consider including the map in its official pool in the future is unknown.


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