New CSGO version of Tuscan appears one year after rumors

By Nick Johnson


Sep 25, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Its been almost an entire year since’s last report on rumors of a de_tuscan remake, but it seems as though the map’s original designer have completed an early draft of a Counter-Strike classic.

Created in 2007 by Colin “Brute” Volrath, de_tuscan is one of the Counter-Strike series’ most famous maps, especially to older players that remember its time in the spotlight. Tuscan has always been characterized by close corners and tight spaces, trademark qualities that will likely make their way into Tuscan’s new version. In addition to Brute, Tuscan is also being worked on by Ruby creator catfood, leaving the future of Tuscan in the hands of some of Counter-Strike’s finest mapmakers. 

With the tweet came a request for professional CSGO players to test the map, creating the possibility that Tuscan’s long-awaited remake might make its way into CSGO’s competitive map pool, according to the tweets. They claim that Brute still holds the rights to Tuscan, and imply that he would consider allowing Valve to use the classic map depending on the community’s reaction to its overhaul. This all points to the possibility of Tuscan coming to the game in an official capacity. But despite all of these signs, it’s still too early to say whether Tuscan’s return would come alongside the next CSGO operation, an end-of-year map shakeup, or if it would even come at all.

de_tuscan remake looks like its finally coming to CSGO

In November 2019, a tweet from CSGO community figure Don Haci originally sparked rumors that de_tuscan was getting a proper CSGO overhaul that would replace the 2015 version port of the map that is currently available on the Steam Workshop. There had been no official confirmation from either catfood or Brute, but high-profile calls for professional playtesters aren’t normally made unless there’s a map for them to test.

Brute and Catfood may not have to look far to find pro players to test their map.

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In 2016, MIBR’s Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo publically wondered why Tuscan was never officially brought over to CSGO, and other pros consider it on par with Dust 2, what some consider to be the most famous first-person shooter map of all time.

The public request for testers means that while Tuscan’s remake may not be completely textured, its creators have most likely settled on the map’s angles and overall layout. But with the popularity of the original de_tuscan, players shouldn’t expect any major differences between that original and Tuscan’s newly updated version until they get their hands on it, especially considering Brute’s last words on Tuscan’s appearance in CSGO came all the way back in 2018.

Although it looks like a remake for Tuscan is in the works, the tweets contain no official release date or timeframe for when fans can expect the map to appear. reached out to Brute to confirm Tuscan’s remake, but did not receive a reply prior to publication.