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Dota 2 pro Taiga opens up about past gambling addiction

By Olivia Richman


Oct 30, 2023

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Dota 2 pro Tommy “Taiga” Le has finally revealed the reason behind his break from competing. According to a very honest and emotional post on Twitter, Taiga explained that he found himself feeling removed from esports due to a gambling addiction.

“I have been absent for a while and there’s barely any communication from me,” Taiga said after an apology to fans. “But now, after coming back to my senses, I want to share the journey I’ve gone through this year in hopes that it resonates with others going through similar battles.”

He then admitted that he was struggling with anxiety and addiction.

Why did Taiga leave Dota 2?


According to Taiga, he started to lose his passion for esports and Dota 2. After that, his life became “worse and worse” as he worried about his future. This led him to start gambling, something he was previously very against.

After The International 11, Taiga started gambling at casinos and betting on sports like basketball and soccer. At this point, Taiga said he was “disgusted with himself” for doing something that went against his morals.

“Every day was a nightmare, thinking about what I had lost and worked so hard for. All the hours and years that I spent on grinding went to waste just like that in the span of a couple months,” Taiga said.

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As he grew more desperate, ashamed, and sleep deprived, Taiga eventually admitted what had been happening to his close friends and family. They convinced him to get therapy. This eventually led to him recovering.

“Going through these phases of life made me treasure Dota, esports, and the people I had around me a lot more,” Taiga said,” and how much I really appreciate and miss them.”

Now, Taiga plans to start playing and streaming Dota 2 a lot more. He is also looking at competing on a team in another region instead of returning to OG.


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