T1 tops DetonatioN FocusMe for first Worlds win in 708 days

By Lee Jones


Oct 11, 2021

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T1 tops DetonatioN FocusMe for first Worlds win in 708 days
Faker’s T1 returned to the World Championship stage in explosive fashion

After missing out on the biggest League of Legends event of 2020, the LCK’s T1 started its Worlds 2021 run with a dominant win over Japan’s DetonatioN FocusMe.
The legendary organization, with 3 World Championship titles to its name, were rather fortunate to begin their campaign against arguably the weakest side in the group stage, however DFM’s play-in heroics meant that they entered the match full of confidence.

This confidence showed early on as DFM’s bottom lane looked to make use of a Leona level-two power spike with a proactive engage. Setting the tone for the rest of the match, T1’s own bottom laners quickly won the trade, claiming an early kill for Ryu “Keria” Min-seok’s Yuumi that would go on to be a nuisance throughout the game.

Heading towards the mid-game it was Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon who began to pull the strings, marauding around the map with Azir and Talon to constantly set up plays and shut down DFM.

Oner’s Talon became even more problematic when combined with Keria’s Yummy, the former becoming an unkillable assassin while the latter was able to pump out significantly more damage than even her own bottom lane carry. The game was closed out decisively within 20 minutes, marking the second-fastest win in the tournament so far with T1 having amassed a whopping 17k gold lead while destroying every enemy structure along the way.

Can T1 keep cruising in Worlds 2021 and beat EDward Gaming?

Heading into tomorrow’s matchup with LPL champions EDward Gaming, T1 has the opportunity to stamp its authority on the tournament with a commanding 2-0 opening that would put the team into a strong position for securing a spot in the knockout stage.

EDG will be no pushovers, having entered the tournament as one of the favorites and made its own solid start by taking down LCS winners 100 Thieves.

The Korean and Chinese heavyweights face off in the opening match on day two.


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