T1 moves to Knockout Stage at Worlds 2023

By Melany Moncada


Oct 28, 2023

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T1 secured its ticket to the Knockout Stage at Worlds 2023 after defeating Bilibili Gaming.

T1 is advancing to the next stage at Worlds and got its revenge, all in the same series. T1 came into the series with a bone to pick with BLG. These teams met at MSI’s semifinals, where BLG took the win, eliminating T1 from the tournament. Now, T1 sent BLG to the last chance qualifiers at Worlds 2023.

True to its style, T1 keeps improving throughout the tournament. The team struggled against Team Liquid in the opening match at Worlds 2023 and then dropped a game against Gen.G. Historically, T1 only lost one game in the group stage of Worlds before advancing to the Knockout Stage, and 2023 was not the exception.

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While T1 keeps improving, BLG seems to be getting worse. The team looked lost on the Summoner’s Rift, going for unnecessary risks and throwing away the few advantages it managed to secure. In game two of the series, BLG had a promising start but lost it as soon as T1 launched the counterattack.

T1 advances to Knockout Stage at Worlds 2023

T1 advanced to the quarterfinals, while BLG must fight the last-chance qualifier.

In the final round of the Swiss Stage, six teams are fighting for a chance to advance. The upcoming matches are:

  • KT Rolster vs. Dplus KIA
  • G2 Esports vs. Bilibili Gaming
  • Fnatic vs. Weibo Gaming

The final day is looking dire for the LEC teams, but not all hope is lost. Both BLG and Weibo are having inconsistent performances, and it feels like they could lose to anyone. The challenge for the European squads is to keep their head in the game and not succumb to the chaos. A scenario where Fnatic defeats Weibo is completely possible. As for G2, the question remains whether they can mentally recover from their loss against NRG or not.


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