T1 Faker benched due to health issues

By Melany Moncada


Jul 6, 2023

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T1 mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok will be benched for at least two weeks, the organization confirmed.

On July 5, T1 fans were surprised to see rookie mid laner Yoon “Poby” Sung-won in the starting lineup against DRX. Moments before the match, the team shared that Faker would be stepping down for the foreseeable future.

The decision came days after Faker shared that he wasn’t feeling well and was working with professionals to get an evaluation. T1 confirmed that Faker felt pain in his right arm and hand but that no major damage was detected. The team decided to give him at least two weeks off and evaluate his condition after that.

Will T1 make it to Worlds 2023?

During the summer season, teams have only one goal in mind, the World Championship. In 2023, the event is taking place in South Korea, starting on October 10.

Five weeks into the summer season, LCK teams are fighting for one of four slots reserved for the region. Whether T1 will secure a spot at Worlds or not is yet to be seen. A benched Faker doesn’t put the odds in the team’s favor.

With Poby on the starting roster, the team was defeated by DRX. Overall, the team looked disjointed and lost on the Summoner’s Rift. Poby is not to be blamed in the situation. The 17-year-old, who has been part of T1 since he was 15, is taking over the GOAT of League of Legends.

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To make things harder for T1 this season, several teams in the LCK are looking like strong contenders. Gen.G remains undefeated and is considered the favorite to take the title. KT Rolster is having the performance of a lifetime and has secured second. Dplus KIA is not one to be left behind and is slowly but surely climbing the ranks.

T1 must secure as many wins as possible. Otherwise, they are at risk of dropping in the standings and ending the season early.

Not only is the summer season depending on Faker’s recovery, but this injury could also have international implications. Faker is part of the team representing South Korea in the Asian Games.


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