T1 CEO makes fun of Cloud9 for releasing LS

By Nicholas James


Feb 23, 2022

Reading time: 1 min

The T1 CEO Joe Marsh recently made light of Cloud9’s explanation for the release of Nick “LS” DeCesare.

After returning to Korea mere weeks after arriving in North America to coach Cloud9’s LCS roster, LS streamed the LCK and was joined for part of it by Joe Marsh. During the stream, the T1 CEO took the time to toss a joking jab at the esports organization for its choice.

T1 CEO jests at Cloud9 decision

During the postgame discussion for T1’s match against DWG KIA, LS was watching the LCK English stream backstage in a partitioned lobby formed by curtains. The T1 CEO decide it was an opportune moment to roast Cloud9 for its decision to drop the coach and streamer as well as take aim at the org’s mysterious statement.

The LCK English cast postgame lobby was partially lit by stage lights, to which Joe Marsh remarked that “they need better lighting for this set. We need to call Cloud9. Too many shadows.”

This is a twofold reference to the Cloud9 video statement on the dropping LS, which fans had remarked was well-lit but not very illuminating, as well as LS’ moniker’s meaning of Last Shadow. LS responded the only way he could, by laughing it off without comment.


But Joe Marsh hadn’t gone far enough there to sate his sense of humor, adding that he “watched the video and was really impressed.”

He continued: “I would love to hear more about the systems that are in place that get you zero world championships.” Fans across social media seemed to love the moment, with it becoming popular on YouTube, Reddit, and other platforms.

LS tactfully said nothing of note in response, unsurprising given that he has said his release process still involves legal teams at this point.


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