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T1 CEO apologizes for inappropriate comments about Oner

By Olivia Richman


Aug 16, 2022

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T1 CEO Joe Marsh has taken a salary cut to prove he’s sorry for making inappropriate comments about Mun “Oner” Hyeon-jun.

Marsh apologized to League of Legends fans earlier this week, announcing that he’d also be taking a six-month salary cut. A translation of his lengthy TwitLonger reads that Marsh has asked the community to forgive him for his “wrongdoings.”

On T1’s Discord server, Marsh and some T1 employees disclosed sensitive information, sharing photos that were initially just known internally to the organization. Marsh called the behavior “inexcusable” and an “error in my judgement.”

What did T1 CEO Joe Marsh say about Oner?

Marsh apologized for talking about spraying oil onto Oner for a photoshoot to use as a “thirst trap.” The backlash to the comments made on Discord prompted him to accept a six-month pay cut.

Many fans felt the comments were inappropriate and were mocking Oner for exercising. Marsh admitted that he had apologized to Oner directly and feels remorse for disrupting him during the ongoing LCK season.

“I consider the players to be another family for me, and I only wish them the best of the best now as well as in the future. And I will make sure nothing like this happens again,” Marsh said.

T1 embroiled in another controversy, this time for racism on its Discord

That wasn’t the only matter Marsh discussed in the apology. He statedthat racist remarks were made on the Discord directed at T1’s Korean fans but no employee did anything to address the issue at the time. Marsh admitted that he didn’t know it was happening but said he should have been more aware.

“T1 does not tolerate any form of racism and will fight together against it, especially any racism towards T1 fans,” Marsh wrote.

It may have been a bit too late for many T1 fans. Response to the apology was negative and the incident followed years of criticism toward T1 brass for controversial roster decisions within its League of Legends teams and other decisions by the organization.

One fan wrote that Marsh should step down, claiming he isn’t qualified for the job. Another said that Marsh has crossed the line and can’t take it back. A Korean fan said that Marsh should make the other employees come forward to apologize.


Not everyone was against Marsh, however. Some felt that fans were taking it a bit too far “over a picture.” The drama comes despite strong performances by the iconic team. T1 finished second in MSI 2022 and is currently second in the LCK with a 15-3 record, behind only 17-1 Gen.G.


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