Sykkuno reveals “weird” things that happen to him at conventions

By Olivia Richman


Sep 30, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Sykkuno is often seen as one of the more wholesome streamers but he recently opened up about his pet peeves when it comes to meeting people at events.

Sykkuno moved to YouTube earlier this year where he currently has 2.89 million subscribers. He often plays Mario Party, Among Us, and other fun party games with other popular streamers. Due to his likeable personality and entertaining gaming sessions, Sykkuno has gained a lot of fans. YouTuber Anthony Padilla interviewed the popular streamer in a recent video.

The popular streamer opened up to Padilla about what happens at events like TwitchCon, where people sometimes take things a bit too far when they meet him.

Sykkuno doesn’t like when non-fans ask for pictures

On September 29, Sykkuno discussed some of the strange things that happen when he’s at conventions. He said that people who don’t even seem to know who he is will get in line and then ask to get a picture with him. He called it a “pet peeve” of sorts, meaning it must happen a lot.

“I think it happened at Anime Expo, and the reason it bothered me is because they have to cut the line off, right? For people meeting you. There would be people who wouldn’t know anything about me, and the line would be cut off, so they’re taking a spot from someone who’s probably a huge fan of mine who went to Anime Expo to see me or something,” Sykkuno told Padilla.

He joked that he’d ask the non-fan to name a game he plays in order to get a picture with him. Sometimes people couldn’t answer his question. When that happened, he wonder why they were even in line.

Sykkuno made it clear in the interview that he enjoys seeing his fans and wants them to have the chance to meet him. This makes it all the more frustrating when a non-fan will take a spot in line at busy conventions where spots and time are limited.


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