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Sykkuno reveals “bad” YouTube viewership after leaving Twitch

By Olivia Richman


Jul 21, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Sykkuno recently surprised the streaming community by moving to YouTube, and the change doesn’t seem to be going as expected.

Sykkuno and his popular streaming friends had fans concerned in April 2022 when he gave a teary speech during a stream. Fans wondered if he was sick or even leaving streaming for good. But it soon became clear that Sykkuno was emotional about his decision to leave Twitch.

In early May, Sykkuno released a dramatic video about his switch to YouTube. He had been on the platform since 2011 but was primarily streaming on Twitch. He switched to exclusively streaming on YouTube on May 3. Was it the right decision?

Sykkuno reveals low viewership on YouTube

Leaving Twitch for YouTube is nothing new, with many big streamers having done so over the past year. Sykkuno was just the latest, and is now facing the same issue many other popular content creators have had: low viewership.

Sykkuno shared some stats in a video released earlier this week. He admitted that he “didn’t really know” what all the numbers and graphs meant, but could tell it was “bad” looking at the red. His average video viewership has become “very low,” his “like rate” is “pretty bad,” and his comment rate is “very low.”

On the other hand, Sykkuno said his live stream viewership is going up and hitting the “very high” mark. His subscriber count was also continuing to climb.

Sykkuno admitted that he decided to check out the statistics after seeing Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren discuss the same phenomenon after switching to YouTube. Ludwig explained that his viewership had gone down after moving to YouTube but that he was still happy with his decision due to YouTube’s algorithm.

Sykkuno seemed a bit concerned about the statistics, claiming that people “watch me” but “don’t like me.” Fans brought up in the comments that likes and comments aren’t a thing on Twitch, meaning it’s hard to directly compare the performance of the two platforms in this regard.