Summit1g molotov remix will be your new CSGO DM track

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 5, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Summit1g molotov memes have kept the iconic clutch fail alive after six years. Now, a DJ has rolled out summit1g remix with scratching. 

If you’re an old-timer in Counter-Strike: Global Offfensive, you must know about the worst play of the decade. The Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar clutch fail has been immortalized by meme makers and fans. Dedicated CSGO fans are serious about their memes and history, which is why 1G still lives. Gaming reporter and influencer Jake Lucky had a nutty idea for the clip, and it’s now making rounds in the community. 

DJ and streamer SmasherMagazine is known for his scratching talent. People often send him clips and songs for a fun touch, and that’s precisely what Jake Lucky did. The reporter requested SmasherMagazine to remix the iconic sound, and the result is pretty amazing. 

Music is a massive part of CSGO culture. Players often invest a top dollar into music kits by popular rap artists to spice up serious, cut-throat games. So it’s not surprising that SmasherMagazine’s 1g remix is going viral among the fans. The audio features the caster’s disappointed and surprised commentary over summit1g osing a round by walking over his own incendiary.

Except, the summit1g remix has music and on-point scratching. 

While it’s a long shot, the summit1g remix could be part of a CSGO music kit. It’s not entirely out of the question. Valve has previously named a loadout in Operation Broken Fang after the iconic fail. The card named after the meme had an incendiary, defusal kit, and armor, hinting at the unfortunate death by fire, the failure to defuse the bomb, and the summit’s damaged head and body armor.

Whether Valve adds music to the game or not, fans can surely use it to play in the background during their aim practice. It makes for an excellent DM track to help you pop heads to the beat. 

What does 1G mean in CSGO? 


You’ll often hear your CSGO teammates yell out or type 1G in chat. It’s simply something players say when someone dies from a molotov. 

1G is a famous clutch fail by ex-CSGO professional summit1g that eventually turned into an iconic meme. The popular train clutch fail dates back to DreamHack Open Austin 2016, where summit1g messed up a game-winning round by stepping onto his own incendiary grenade. 

summit1g was standing in for team Splyce at the time. After winning a 1v1 against CLG Fugly, the first map win was just a bomb defusal away when severely battle-scarred summit1g stepped on his own fire, resulting in instant death. 

His small misstep cost the team not only that round but also contributed to the match going into overtime, in which Splyce lost 19-16 to CLG. But that wasn’t all. The team ended up losing the second map, Dust 2, ultimately resulting in elimination from Group A.

The internet saw it all happen live, and since then, CSGO fans have refused to forget the clutch fail, which is now known as 1G.