Valve names Operation Broken Fang loadout after summit1g meme

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 4, 2020

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Operation Broken Fang is a refreshing addition to the game. Major additions include new maps, agents, and skins, but a small detail in the loadout card called “1G” has grabbed the attention of many CSGO players. 

New Operation Broken Fang has various updates that have elated fans, but a meme reference was the last thing anyone was expecting. In addition to bright-hued skins and maps that evoke CS 1.6 memories, Valve has brought back the legendary summit meme by naming one of the loadout cards “1G.”

1G is a famous clutch fail by ex-CSGO professional Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar that eventually turned into an iconic meme. The popular train clutch fail dates back to DreamHack Open Austin 2016, where summit1g messed up a game-winning round by stepping onto his own incendiary grenade. 

summit1g was standing in for team Splyce at the time. After winning a 1v1 against CLG Fugly, first map win was just a bomb defusal away when severely battle scarred summit1g stepped on his own fire, resulting in instant death. 

His small misstep cost the team not only that round, but also contributed to the match going into overtime, which Splyce lost 19-16 to CLG. But that wasn’t all. The team ended up losing the second map Dust2, ultimately resulting in an elimination from Group A. The internet saw it all happen live, and since then CSGO fans have refused to forget the clutch fail, which is now known as 1G. 

Summit1g reacts to the loadout case named 1G

This minor addition to the CSGO didn’t miss the legendary streamer himself. While he was streaming escape from Tarkov, Summit1g came across the loadout card that breathed life back into the old meme. The streamer seemed quite startled and refused to believe that it was real. 

“That’s not real. That’s fake, that has to be fake,” Summit1g said

The card named after the meme has an incendiary, defusal kit, and armor, hinting at the unfortunate death by fire, the failure to defuse the bomb, and summit’s damaged head and body armor.

What are loadout cards in Operation Broken Fang?

Loadout cards add an exciting twist on the Retake mode introduced in Broken Fang. This community favourite mode will have four CTs defending a bombsite against three Ts. Quick, action-packed rounds will have loadout cards at the beginning of the rounds. These cards will have selective weapons and utilities that will help the players get through the round. For example, Light ‘Em Up has a flashbang along with head and body armor. 


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