summit1g apologizes to Sweet Anita for his girlfriend’s comments

By Olivia Richman


Dec 11, 2019

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Twitch personality Sweet Anita was in the spotlight earlier this week after she was called out by another streamer for yelling racial slurs and anti-semetic statements. Some agreed with the streamer, wondering why Sweet Anita was yet to be suspended from the platform for using racial epithets when other streamers saw harsh punishments for the same explitives. 

The difference? Sweet Anita has Tourettes syndrome, which causes her to have uncontrollable tics. For Sweet Anita, who is often seen playing Overwatch for her fans, this includes saying sexually explicit things as well as some racist remarks that she just can’t hold back. 

Sweet Anita came forward to explain the situation yesterday, stating that just because defamatory language is in her vocabulary doesn’t mean she personally believes in what she says as a result of her illness. At this point, many people in the streaming community came to Sweet Anita’s aid, calling out anyone who didn’t understand that Tourette’s syndrome has involuntary tics. 

Summit1g apologizes to Sweet Anita 

One of the first tweets to gain momentum against Sweet Anita was from Twitch partner Lil Chiipmunk. She called on Twitch to take action against Sweet Anita, suggesting that Tourette’s wasn’t a proper excuse since she has the ability to “mute herself.” 

Lil Chiipmunk is actually Caroline, girlfriend to popular Twitch streamer Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar, a retired Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro with over four million followers. 

“I’m apologizing for last night’s actions… I wasn’t in the right state of mind. I was emotional and didn’t think it through. Sorry to anyone I offended,” Lil Chiipmunk tweeted yesterday. 

Summit1g responded to her, telling her not to “stress,” and noting that he’s made “a million” mistakes on Twitter.

“We’re all human,” he said. 

But it seemed as though many in the Twitch community were not satisfied with the apology. Many wondered why Lil Chiipmunk hadn’t tagged Sweet Anita herself. 

In response, the streamer tweeted out another apology: “You are right Twitter. I’m sorry, Sweet Anita. I shouldn’t have said the things I said last night, I didn’t mean it. Being in the wrong or right state of mind is no excuse.” 

Perhaps because of her emotional state, or perhaps because of her smaller audience (she has 400,000 Twitch followers), summit1g felt the need to speak out about the topic further. 

He addressed the situation on a live stream. 

“I want to apologize to Sweet Anita. I hope you’re doing okay through all the bullshit. Keep trucking through. I apologize if me or the girlfriend caused any more bullshit than you needed to go through,” summit said during a live stream.

He also addressed Caroline specifically in the clip, saying his girlfriend knew that “she fucked up.” 

“This will be something she grows from and learns from. I promise that will happen. This will be a humbling experience for her. Trust. I don’t want anybody getting shit on the internet at all. She knows she fucked up. She overstepped and said stuff without thinking,” summit said.

This apology seemed genuine enough to many in the Twitch community. Fans commended him for coming forward with an authentic apology to Sweet Anita, but still felt weary of Lil Chiipmunk’s actions. 

Others noted that it sounded like summit1g was speaking for someone unable to speak for themselves. This didn’t seem to sit well with a few followers, who wanted Lil Chiipmunk to address the situation herself in her own words and on her own stream. 


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