Summer Season Brings New Dota Plus Update

By Neslyn Apduhan


Jul 14, 2018

Reading time: 1 min

Dota Plus is being updated with the goal bringing more exciting features to players who subscribe to Valve’s monthly service.

Earlier this year, Valve introduced the next evolution of the Majors Battle Pass, a new subscription service called Dota Plus. The premium monthly subscription unlocks exclusive perks for Dota 2 players. Non-expiring rewards are provided to celebrate the player’s achieved milestones, and a variety of additional stats are made available for perusal.

Hero Progression and Plus Assistant are the major hallmarks of Dota Plus. The first major update in Dota Plus includes an improvement to Plus Assistant, as related metrics have been enhanced to bring more refined item, lane, and ability suggestions to players.

A new feature, global hero trends, was also added. This will enable users to track the win, pick, and ban rates for specified heroes.

Separately, the Turbo game mode now grants half the normal hero experience for wins and losses. Hero badges and relics can now be shown on the player’s profile screen. Item suggestions and readability have been revamped, with items players have already purchased being grayed out. A full listing of the most popular item choices will also be displayed.

New features incorporated also include an elimination of broadcast delay when spectating a friend’s live game, an additional way of earning shards with the new Plus Prediction Charm, and the distribution of the in-game summer terrain to all Dota Plus subscribers.

Aside from the numerous developments in Dota Plus, Valve also fixed a bug that caused Plus Assistant to malfunction.

Players can purchase a subscription for $3.99 per month.


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