Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 devs confirm insane balance patch policy

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 21, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Street Fighter 6 fans have been eagerly awaiting the game’s first balance patch, but they shouldn’t hold their breaths.

The developers behind Street Fighter 6 have stated their policy for balancing the competitive fighter, and it’s equally confident and confusing. The team at Capcom plans to balance the game only once every year, which is a massive break from industry conventions.

Here’s info on the Japanese-only interview, how this will affect the game, and when can expect the first major balance changes to finally hit the streets.

Street Fighter 6 devs talk patch cycle

The interview was conducted between Street Fighter 6 director Takayuki Nakayama, producer Shuhei Matsumoto, and Japanese gaming publication Inside Games. In the interview, the pair discussed Street Fighter 6’s wacky character creation, popularity with VTubers, and frequent surprise collaborations. When asked about the game’s expected patch cycle, the devs shared an interesting roadmap.

“As a general policy, once a year. It’s not good for the balance to change during the competition period, so I’m looking at the aftermath of a big competition like the Capcom Cup. In addition, we will deal with unintended problems such as the ‘Throw Missing Problem’ the other day,” said Nakayama, according to digital translation.

“The so-called ‘overall battle balance adjustment’ has an image of once a year,” added Matsumoto.

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If the once-a-year balance patch strategy is followed up on, it will be a notable break from the industry standard. Rival titles like Guilty Gear Strive have major balance patches once a season, meaning four times as often. Tekken 8’s balance patch plans are not public, but 7 had once-a-year rework patches with smaller balance adjustments every few months.

Only once a year is bold and it will have a significant impact on both casual and competitive play.

Casual players often see balance patches as the time to jump back into a title, which results in player count spikes. For pro players, balance patches and new DLC characters give a chance to rethink their strategies and shake up the meta.

However, infrequent patches also allows them to fully develop themselves in a given meta. Both levels of play often revolve around the drive gauge, so any major system changes could completely alter how both neutral and combos work.

When is the first Street Fighter 6 balance patch?

With that interview in mind, it’s safe to say that Street Fighter 6 will get its first major balance patch sometime after the release of all Season 1 characters.

The once-a-year plans likely means that balance patches will coincide with the end of a DLC season. The lineup for Season 1 has already been announced, and Rashid is available now in-game for fighting pass owners. After him comes new character AKI and returning fighters Ed and Akuma. The scheduled release of the final addition gives us something to work off of.

Akuma will be added to Street Fighter 6 in spring of 2024, so the game’s first balance patch could come out sometime in summer of 2024. The developers will likely let the game settle after his release before making major system and character changes.

Anyone frustrated with Honda’s Sumo Headbutt better learn to deal with it now, since there’s a good chance it will untouched for a full calendar year.