Street Fighter 6 and Spy x Family collab coming soon

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Spy x Family and Street Fighter 6 are an unlikely duo, but fans of both franchises should be happy to see this crossover.

Spy x Family has quickly become one of the most popular new anime franchises in the world, and Capcom’s penchant for crossovers didn’t end with the release of Street Fighter 6. A new key visual shows that the two properties will collide to help promote the anime series’ new film.

The key visual for the crossover, as well as the event itself, was revealed through Spy x Family’s official website and was later picked up on and translated by western anime news networks. It shows Yor from the anime series squaring off against Chun Li from Street Fighter. Other characters from each franchise are also shown, with Loid rubbing shoulders next to Ryu.

Spy x Family and Street Fighter 6 key visual

The actual form of the collaboration has not been revealed, but it appears to be related to Spy x Family Code: White. The upcoming film will feature the family exploring a foreign country together as both parents’ careers get in the way.

Little is known about the film, but it provides a valuable hint for the release date of the Street Fighter 6 and Spy x Family collab release date.

Street Fighter 6 x Spy x Family collab release date

Fans of both Street Fighter 6 and Spy x Family can look forward to the collab coming out sometime later in 2023.

The release date of Spy x Family Code: White is in December of 2023, so the collab would have to come out sometime before that date. Furthermore, both companies would want the release reasonably close to the film being in theaters. With that in mind, expect a formal announcement sometime in November at the latest.

Knowing Capcom, it’s most likely that the collab will involve in-game costumes for the cast of Street Fighter 6. Chun Li would make plenty of sense as Yor, though Manon could also play her role. Loid could be cosplayed by Ryu, Luke, Ken, or Guile with no clear analog. Anya could be represented by Lily or Kimberly.

If anyone gets a skin for the family dog Bond, expect it to be Blanka.


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