Streaming community sus of QTCinderella’s new Twitch channel

By Olivia Richman


Feb 9, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

QTCinderella is being accused of taking advantage of fans after creating a Twitch channel aimed at supporting the Streamer Awards.

QTCinderella is a popular streamer and the founder of the Streamer Awards, an award show aimed at celebrating the streaming community and its biggest names. The show has continued to grow, but it looks like QTC Cinderella is looking for some help from fans this time around.

QTCinderella responds to scam allegations

Earlier today, QTCinderella announced that she has launched a new Twitch channel, QT Events, which will re-run her old YouTube videos. According to a tweet, the purpose is to “farm ad revenue” to help make up for the Streamer Awards’ lack of sponsors.

While seemingly pretty transparent about her new channel’s purpose, it still didn’t sit right with a lot of fans. Some even called the concept a “scam,” explaining that she’s already rich and is now using fans for money by having them keep the stream open on mute while doing something else.

In a since-deleted argument with followers, QT admitted that she’s using the channel to pay for “a massive show” she’s putting on by herself.

“It’s for the community, so if the community wants to watch some ads to help pay for it, so be it. Currently, I stand to lose a lot of money on the show, so this is me selling myself and my content to help pay for it,” QTCinderella said.

Others wondered why the Streamer Awards was unable to find sponsors to begin with. QT simply said she wasn’t sure why there weren’t any sponsors and added she’d make the event smaller next time so she wouldn’t lose as much money.

“We have some great sponsors, but the industry has had a rough year. So we problem-solve the best we can!” she later tweeted.

Still, others pointed out that maybe the problem was the “cringy” humor throughout the Streamer Awards last year. She replied that she encouraged anyone who didn’t like the humor to simply not tune in.

“Quit begging for money,” another person tweeted.

To this, QT said that they could choose not to watch the stream if they didn’t want to.

Despite all of the backlash, the QT Events channel is still up. It currently has 4.8K followers.