Stray cat game

Stray becomes highest-rated PC game of 2022 so far

By Olivia Richman


Jul 26, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Ever since Stray came out last week, the game has been getting rave reviews for its realistic portrayal of a cat, relaxing gameplay, and beautiful visuals. But now Stray is getting even more acclaim as the top-rated PC game of 2022 so far.

On July 24, it was reported that Stray became the highest-rated PC game of 2022 according to a weighted calculation by Steam250. Steam250 ranks games by their votes and approval rating (determined by the percentage of positive votes). Using this algorithm, the short indie game from BlueTwelve Stduio even beat God of War.

Stray quickly becomes the highest-rated PC game of 2022

According to Steam250, Stray currently has a score of 8.61 after calculating its 46,244 votes and 98% approval rating on Steam. This beat out God of War’s score of 8.56, which has over 53,100 votes and a 97% approval rating.

Stray score

Of course, God of War and Stray are very different games that are not often compared. They both offer different gameplay experiences, with Stray not even having actual combat. Still, this proves that PC players are having a lot of fun playing Stray, whether it’s for the puzzles, the exploration, or the experience of being a cat.

How many people are playing Stray?

A week ago, it was reported that Stray smashed Annapurna’s record for concurrent players on Steam. When Stray was released, it hit a peak of over 62,000 players. It’s not possible to know exactly how many people are currently playing Stray but the game has remained quite popular, with over 17,000 viewers on Twitch. The game is primarily meant to be played on PlayStation and exact numbers on player count and sales haven’t been given yet.


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