Stranger Things fame Grace’s signing to FaZe marred with drama

By Fariha Bhatti


May 26, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

FaZe Clan recently signed Stranger Things star Grace Van Dien to their content roster, but not all FaZe members are on board with the decision.

FaZe Clan recently went shopping despite their financial woes, adding a brand new Valorant streamer to their lineup. Grace Van Dien rose to fame after her appearance in Season 4 of Stranger Things as Chrissy Cunningham. However, she soon left the mainstream media behind, opting for gaming content as her niche. Grace is making waves in the streaming industry, but recent developments aren’t all chipper.

FaZe welcomed Grace into the fold in a flashy teaser, which garnered attention from across the internet. But, the announcement post was littered with “Rain was right” comments. A few days ago, Håvard “FaZe Rain” Nygaard had said that the organization would sign Grace only because she was on “one episode of Stranger Things,” but fans didn’t have any reason to believe him back then.

Amid FaZe’s financial troubles, this controversy just tossed fuel to the fire. While there were positive messages, the mocking comments from “OG fans” outnumbered them. FaZe’s popular co-founder, Ricky Banks also seemed to be against the signing.

FaZe Grace responds to the hate

In any case, Grace Van Dien is unbothered. She has responded to the hate during her live stream.

“I’m sorry sir, were you in the meeting with us? Were you there? No, I’ve never f—ing met you, and that is not why FaZe signed me. That is definitely how I got the meeting, yes, I will give that credit, but, that is absolutely not why I’ve signed,” she said.

Grace may have gotten her fame from Stranger Things, but she has a decent following on Twitch. Her account boasts 327K followers who regularly tune in to watch her pop heads in Valorant. Whether FaZe signed her for her Stranger Things card or not remains a mystery.

What’s no longer a mystery is that things aren’t all well between old and “OG FaZe” members.