Strange CS2 bug makes players miss easy jumps

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 15, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Has your movement in CS2 become cluttered in the last month? You’re not alone. A bug is causing bad jumps even for the best players in CS2. 

In February, Valve rolled out a new game mode alongside some other updates for Counter-Strike 2. The Arms Race update was a pleasant addition but has left some bugs in its wake. During the last 30 days, players have complained about failing their jumps. It turns out you don’t really need a trip to bhop or surf maps. The new jump bug is tormenting everyone. 

CEO of aim training CS map Yprac took to X to share a clip from the game, showcasing how the bug functions. With the hitbox enabled, the player demonstrated a few failed jumps that are typically executed pretty smoothly.

From the phonebooth jump on Mirage to the pesky heaven jump on Anubis, the player showcased how the bug is causing game-breaking movements. Mind you, these are not really “tricky” movements but regular spots that players have been using for years. 

The bug is highly noticeable on Anubis’ A site. Players attempting to jump toward heaven from a small ledge have encountered an invisible wall blocking them from executing the jump. The same issue exists across Inferno, Ancient, and Overpass.

New CS2 jump bug is causing movement errors 

Several others confirmed that the bug has existed since the last Arms Race update. CS2 pro player Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski also pointed out the jump and boost issue, among others. 

The pro player noted that boosts have also become increasingly difficult due to a potential clipping bug. It’s unclear whether this is wall clipping or some issue with hitboxes, but the bug is severe and needs a hotfix. 

Valve might release a patch to improve movement ahead of CS2 Copenhagen Major 2024, which kicks off on March 17.