How to bind jump to mousewheel in CS2

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Learning how to bind mousewheel to jump is a rite of passage in Counter-Strike, and CS2 gives you the chance to learn it all over again.

In Counter-Strike, movement is everything. And in movement, controls are everything. Switching over to a new engine also means recalibrating your keyboard to most closely resemble what you had in Global Offensive. Luckily for players, it’s easier than ever to bind your controls to whatever hotkeys you like. Here is the fastest way to bind jump to mousewheel and why the old-school input is still so popular in CS2.

The easiest way is to:

  • Open up the settings menu in the top left corner of the home screen.
  • Navigate to the Keyboard/Mouse section near the top of the screen
    Scroll down to the Movement Keys section
  • Click on the box near Jump and scroll either up or down to get your CS2 mousewheel bind back.

Keep in mind that the default bind for mousewheel movements is swapping weapons, so be sure to reassign that inputs.

CS2 mousewheel jump bind

Mousewheel down to jump has been the standard forever in Counter-Strike, though it may be less important than ever in CS2.

To explain why, it’s important to know why it became popular in the first place. Bunnyhopping was a crucial mechanic in older versions of CS, with 1.6 especially featuring some pretty insane movement. Bunnyhopping relies on jumping precisely when you hit the ground, so by binding jump to mousewheel, players could increase the odds of hitting the window. The mechanic was severely nerfed in CSGO, but the bind was still considered mandatory to pull it off.

However, the Source 2 engine changed the rules for bunnyhopping to nerf the mechanic effectively. The window for hitting the bunnyhop feels smaller, according to pro players, and there appears to be a larger momentum penalty for missing one in a sequence. Even with bunnyhopping at an all-time low, mousewheel to jump will likely remain the standard in CS2 for many years to come.


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