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STPeach banned on Twitch for Cammy cosplay in a charity stream

By Olivia Richman


Mar 2, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch partner Lisa “STPeach” Vannatta has been banned from Twitch.

STPeach was suspended from the streaming platform for wearing a revealing cosplay during a charity stream. At one moment in the stream, STPeach stood up from her chair to move a box that her chat kept referencing. She walked away with her exposed backside facing the camera, revealing a very cheeky Cammy outfit that exposed her entire bottom.

In response to the ban, STPeach tweeted that she would make sure to get a hot tub for her next stream. This was a jab at the current hot tub meta on Twitch, which essentially gets around the platform’s Terms of Service regarding revealing clothing and bathing suits by simply having a body of water nearby.

Why was STPeach banned from Twitch?

On March 1, STPeach hosted a Twitch stream to benefit Games For Love, a charity that provides support and money to children in need. STPeach’s stream raised $10.1K for the organization. This was an accomplishment that fans were quick to bring up after learning that Twitch had suspended STPeach from the platform for the stream.

In response to her fans rallying in support of STPeach, some others pointed out that her “whole a– was out” during the stream, sharing a clip that showed as much. The streaming community in general seems to feel that Twitch is hypocritical for not allowing STPeach’s cosplay but being okay with hot tub streams in which streamers routinely wear equally revealing bikinis and other similar garb.

Who is STPeach?

STPeach is a Canadian streamer with millions of followers throughout her combined social media accounts. STPeach has been interested in video games since she was a young child and first started streaming in 2015.

STPeach doesn’t only stream competitive games. She can also be found sharing fitness and workout tips and showing off her routines. Her travel content, vlogging videos, and cosplaying have all helped STPeach to reach even more people online.


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