Stats reveal which country has the best ELO for FACEIT CSGO

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 21, 2023

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Think your country has the best FACEIT ELO in CSGO? If your summers are warm, you’re probably wrong.

FACEIT ELO is the closest thing Counter-Strike players have to a definitive skill rating. Competition is fierce on the top matchmaking service, and pro players use it to hone both their tournament skills and ELO rating. Europe has always been a hotbed of tactical shooting skill, but as many EU players know, not all countries are equal.

One diligent CSGO player has compiled all of the top ELO players on FACEIT and sorted them by country, which gives an interesting look at how each nation compares outside of professional tournament play.

Which country is the best at CSGO?

The stats were compiled by Reddit user NXvDox, who took all of the FACEIT players above 3,000 ELO from each European country and compared it to that country’s population. The result is a percentile graph showing which nations have the densest concentrations of top-level players. For reference, players above 3,000 ELO are 1,000 ELO above the minimum rating for Level 10.

Best EU country for CSGO FACEIT ELO

Denmark, Estonia, and Iceland have best FACEIT CSGO ELO

According to this analysis, Denmark, Estonia, and Iceland have the highest concentration of top-level pub CSGO players.

Denmark is no surprise, as the country has a massive amount of representation at the pro level and a thriving national scene. The current top five HLTV ranked teams all have at least one Danish player. The nation also has the most major championship winners of any single country.

Estonia and Iceland are more surprising. The only Estonian player esports fans may recognize is Robin “ropz” Kool from FaZe, and only hardcore fans could name an Icelandic CSGO pro. Their high concentration is likely due to their relatively tiny populations. Estonia is home to 1.3 million people, while Iceland has slightly less than 373,000. The latter only needs 80 players to qualify for the highest data tier.

With that in mind, it’s safe to say that this FACEIT ELO stat backs up Denmark’s claim as the best country in CSGO.


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