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Starfield’s controversial pronoun-removing mod has been banned

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 18, 2023

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Starfield has pronouns and bigots hate it, creating a pronoun-removing mod. Now, Nexus Mods has deleted the controversial mod from Starfield.

Starfield allows players to live a sci-fi reality that may not be possible for all in the real world. From exploring every planet possible to customizing characters, every spacefarer has full control over their virtual reality, including changing their pronouns at will. 

However, a section of the gaming community criticized Bethesda for allegedly shoving the “LGBTQIA+ agenda” down their throats. The objection reached a boiling point when a modder created a mod that removed pronouns from Starfield.

However, with a strong statement, the world’s biggest mod site has banned it right away.

“We stand for diversity and inclusion in our community, and the removal of diversity – while appealing to many – does not promote a positive modding community. Hosting this mod was not for us and it is certainly within our rights not to host content on our platform,” Nexus Mods said. 

Nexus Mods bans pronoun-removing mod from Starfield

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Consequently, the naysayers ganged up on the mod hosting website, threatening to stop using it, but Nexus Mods isn’t too worried. The platform has clarified that they’re not sad about the bigots leaving it. So, now all Starfield mods and the game itself has a pronouns option available at any point. 

The debate around pronouns is still fresh, which reached a fever pitch when a streamer, Heelsvsbabyface, went viral for his rant over pronouns, an option that appears only once at the beginning of the game. 

But it seems Starfield and all important parties involved have made it clear that pronouns are here to say. So, players would either have to stop playing and make their peace with a small customization option in the game. 


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