Spanish Fortnite streamer Grefg smashes Twitch viewership records

Jessica Scharnagle • January 11, 22:24

David “Grefg” Cánovas Martínez has absolutely shattered the livestreaming concurrent viewer record, peaking at an absurd 2.5 million viewers on January 11.

The Fortnite streamer blazed past previous milestones, surpassing Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ record by about 1.3 million. In comparison, he had 1.6 million more viewers than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had when she ran a voting awareness stream Among Us. 

The number came as Grefg teased the release of a new Fortnite skin based on him, similar to the one Ninja received in 2020. A countdown ran on his stream indicating how long until the skin was revealed. The image that was tweeted out on January 7 shows a red background with a golden G, and the silhouette of the skin. 

Grefg’s Fortnite skin is part of the Icon Series

The Grefg skin is part of Fortnite’s larger “Icon Series” which began in January when the developers added a Ninja skin. Since then, other popular content creators and celebrities have gotten their own skin, cosmetics, or dances put into the game. In his post, he said that it was his turn to get a skin in Fortnite, which he revealed to an overwhelmingly large crowd.

The character skin that he revealed shows a character version of himself with red streaks coming up his hair. He has no shirt on but has a sunkissed G on his chest. He has red pants on with a gold belt, and has three floating black and yellow balls in front of him. The skin also has a reactive form. 

He also revealed a controller pickaxe skin and a custom dance emote. He also revealed an upcoming tournament in The Floor Is Lava, which will take place on January 14 and 15. 

How do I get Grefg’s Fortnite skin?

The skin will officially launch on January 16, and leaves the store on January 20. No price has been mentioned yet for the package, but past Icon Series skins have been sold for 2,000 V-bucks, which is worth around $15 to $20 depending on how the user purchases the currency. The Floor Is Lava tournament starts on January 14 and ends on January 15. 

Who is Grefg?

Grefg is a Spanish variety streamer who plays a number of different games, most notably Fortnite. He is sponsored by Team Heretics and has been one of Spain’s top streamers over recent years. The reveal of his Fortnite skin, which drew a record-breaking audience on Twitch, pushed him to even greater fame.


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