protect the Spike on Pearl

Sova’s darts can help protect the Spike on Pearl

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 2, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Just as Fade took the spotlight on Pearl, Sova has stolen it back with clever usage of his bow and arrows. 

The latest Valorant map Pearl is encircled in glass, protecting the futuristic city from the ferocious ocean. The unique Pearl layout doesn’t have any gimmicks that drive the gameplay, but it’s undoubtedly a tricky location for agents. Only a few characters are truly successful on Pearl, and Fade tops that list in her category. However, a recently-discovered lineup proves that Sova is just as helpful. 

The precise Initiator can carve out a ton of value due to Pearl’s sky-high ceilings. This new setup for defending a plan on Pearl helps Sova protect the Spike. 

Protect the Spike on Pearl with this Sova lineup 

Pearl Valorant

Sova’s Shock Bolt can deal heavy damage with this lineup, ultimately keeping enemies away from the Spike. For this setup, you will need to land two arrows consecutively. 

This setup starts outside A-main, but the first lineup is close enough to the bomb. This way, Sova can hear the sound cue and begin shooting arrows in time. Stick yourself into the left corner of A restaurant window and, using your UI, align the crosshair. Put the shock dart arrow next to the ledge of the lower roof. Load up the bar to one charge and release the arrow. For the second dart, put the crosshair on the wire and jump-shoot the dart. 

Both the arrows will fall almost at once, dealing maximum damage to the enemies. You may even net a quick kill if defenders aren’t fast enough to step back. But make sure the Spike is planted for the front of the shop. This is also an easy spot to defend for your other teammates, who may protect you from defenders rushing in. This lineup is only viable if you have at least one teammate to watch your surroundings and keep a finger on the enemy’s movements. 

What’s the best agent on Pearl? 

Pearl is a theory crafter’s dream with its numerous nooks and crannies, leaving it poorly suited for plain kits centered around firepower. The map’s perplexing layout calls for a trickster that can flank enemies. Chamber’s teleport is perfect for doing the job. His info tools, tricky teleport, and free weapons are all supremely useful in this futuristic locale.