Sonic Prime Season 2

Sonic Prime Season 2 — Where to watch Episode 1

By Olivia Richman


Jul 5, 2023

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The internet has been buzzing about Sonic Prime after the first episode of Season 2 was shared early.

Sonic Prime’s first season had Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends on a journey to uncover the Paradox Prism. While trying to keep the mysterious object from Dr. Eggman, Sonic accidentally breaks it into pieces. He wakes up in a multiverse with short-term amnesia. The multiverse is full of dopplegangers, including one named Nine who tries to help Sonic with advanced technology that allows him to travel from dimension to dimension.

The epic adventure left fans of the animated series wanting more. Now, you can watch the full first episode of Season 2 on YouTube.

When is Sonic Prime Season 2 getting released?

If you have become hooked on Sonic Prime after watching the first episode, you luckily don’t have to wait long to watch the rest of the show.

Season 2 is coming on July 13, 2023.

Where will Sonic Prime Season 2 air?

Sonic Prime is a Netflix exclusive. This means you can only watch Season 2 on Netflix once it comes out. Season 1 is also on Netflix if you want to catch up while you wait.

Sonic Prime

How many episodes are in Sonic Prime Season 2?

Right now, it looks like Sonic Prime Season 2 will have eight full episodes. This is the same amount of episodes that were in Season 1.

When Sonic Prime was announced back in February 2021, Netflix stated that the series would have 24 total episodes. That means that there might only be one more season in store for Sonic Prime after Season 2 comes out.

For now, get ready for Sonic and his friends to battle cyborgs and the Chaos Council in upcoming episodes.


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