Snowball fight Valorant

Snowball fight returns to Valorant for Christmas

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 14, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Snowball fight is coming back to Valorant by popular demand of the players in a winter-themed limited mode. 

Last year, Riot Games introduced limited game modes in the forms of Replication, Escalation, and Snowball fight. All three game modes were well-received by casual Valorant fans as the developer started a permanent rotation for each map. Riot Games is bringing the snow back into the arid Valorant maps for December. 

The developer started a poll to select the next map for limited mode rotation, and players voted in favor of the Snowball fight mode that is known for its chaotic energy. The selection is a perfect fit for the cold weather and winter holidays that many players are now enjoying. The Snowball fight paired with the new winter bundle will certainly help Valorant players get into the Christmas spirit. 

How to play Snowball fight in Valorant? 

This limited game mode is based on the classic five-versus-five style where players engage in a cut-throat duel of snowballs. Abilities are disabled for this mode, so players can roll with whichever agent they fancy. Each player is equipped with a snowball launcher that renders death-dealing damage. Since player health is set to 100 in this mode, the 150 damage done by one individual snowball is capable of killing any enemy player instantly. 

In this bone-chilling fight, players aren’t allowed to bring in guns. Whoever scores 50 kills before the six-minute timer runs down takes away the win. Both teams gain 750 XP for partaking in the fight, with the winning team taking 150 more points. This limited fight provides an excellent way for battle pass grinders to complete their targets quickly. 

Numerous gifts and bonuses in the fight make it all more interesting. Players can bolster their launchers for maximum impact by picking up: 

  • Growball 
  • Rapid Fire
  • Ricochet 
  • Skates

As is evident from the name, Growball boosts the size of the balls mid-air, making them harder to dodge. By picking up Rapid Fire, players can shoot at a higher fire rate. The snowballs become deadlier with Ricochet, allowing them to bounce off of walls. Increased movement speed and maximum jump height can be had by picking up Skates. 

When is Snowball fight in Valorant? 

The Snowball fight starts on December 13 and will run through January 11. If you’re looking to gain some extra XP in a few quick games, Snowball fight may be your answer.