C9 Sneaky just took his wild cosplays to a whole new level

By Olivia Richman


May 3, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Cloud9 streamer and content creator Zach “Sneaky” Scuderi has been keeping very busy after stepping away from pro League of Legends. 

The former AD Carry veteran has been giving his fans a lot of reasons to stay inside thanks to a couple sexy cosplays. His most recent is called “Lingerie Snacky,” a revealing look made of black leather lingerie, a neon pink wig, and thigh-high stockings. 

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Despite some drama between the two parties before the LCS Spring Split, Cloud9 couldn’t help but throw the usual “you’re so hot brother” tweet his way. Team Liquid COO Mike Milanov also made his feelings about the photos known with a simple “hot.” Other fans from the streaming and League of Legends community also dropped in to support Sneaky’s recent photoshoot. 

Shortly after posting the two steamy snapshots, Sneaky informed his followers that the set will be up on his Patreon soon. As of now, the set is up. Anyone who has pledges $10 will receive the full set. They also have the choice of receiving his latest photoshoot instead, from his Bunny Snacky cosplay. Anyone who pays $25 a month instead will receive the photoshoot along with a signed Polaroid. You can pay $40 for a personalized print.

Physical rewards are currently delayed a little bit, and Sneaky’s girlfriend address this on the streamer’s Patreon, where he has over 1,400 subscribers. 

“April’s set has been slightly delayed due to the difficulties of finding a photographer because of social distancing rules. Fortunately a photographer was found and the photoshoot has been completed so it’s in the process of editing right now!” she said.

While the delay has probably frustrated a few fans, it looks like the wait was most definitely worth it for those who follow the former League of Legends star.

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