Skarner Rework Face

Skarner rework will give his ultimate an area of effect

By Nicholas James


Mar 18, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has revealed initial previews of what the Skarner rework will look like, including a wild new ultimate.

Riot Games delivered a new Dev Update video accompanied by several articles that delved into the confirmed rework. The most exciting of these was a reveal of the first iterations of the Skarner rework’s appearance. Fans also got sneak peeks at what his new abilities might be. The most shocking of these is that Skarner’s ultimate, Impale, is going from a single-target ability to a game-changing AOE ability.

Skarner rework is making Impale AoE

In the article titled “Searching for Skarner’s Sting,” Riot Games takes fans behind the scenes of the Skarner rework to give a look at his new narrative, appearance, and abilities. For his narrative, Skarner is being moved from Shruima to Ixtal, the region most known for elemental magic. From there, the Brackern, Skarner’s crystal race, are being changed from crystalline ancient beings to the first earth elementalists. Skarner’s new look will have three tails, and it was shown off in early concept art that shows him as a towering monster that dwarfs regular humans.

Skarner Rework 3 Tails

But the most relevant thing to players in Summoner’s Rift games are some of the details about Skarner’s new abilities. Firstly, his current spires are going away and won’t be seen again in his new incarnation. But more excitingly, his impactful ultimate is becoming an area spell. Right now, Impale allows Skarner to pick one enemy and drag them along with him, usually into his team. In the Skarner rework, Skarner’s ultimate will be a hugely effective AOE ability.

As a result, will make Skarner potentially one of the most game-changing characters in all of League of Legends. His new ultimate has the ability to be on par with a five-person Malphite ultimate.


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