Yoru is returning

shroud says Yoru will return to Valorant meta after Jett changes

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 26, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Respected FPS veteran Michael “shroud” Grzesiek has made a bold prediction regarding the new Jett changes. According to the former pro player, Yoru may be seen in more competitive games after Jett’s ability gets nerfed. Will Yoru return to Valorant after the upcoming patch?

Almost all new Valorant agents have found quick success in becoming an active part of the gameplay. However, that wasn’t the case for Yoru. The master of deception sulked for months before Riot remade his kit. In the current patch, Yoru is powerful, but players still don’t see where he fits in. Agents like Chamber and Jett have long overshadowed Yoru to the point of no return. 

This may change, according to popular Twitch streamer shroud. The new Jett nerf may finally make space for other agents to shine, he said. 

Will Yoru return to Valorant meta? 

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According to the former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional player and FPS maestro, Yoru’s return to Valorant is imminent. This is especially likely after new changes that take away Jett’s reckless dashes. 

Tailwind was easily Jett’s biggest strength, allowing her to escape risky situations. Patch 4.08 will make it significantly more situational, ultimately limiting Jett’s reckless mobility. On pressing the ability key, Jett activates a 12-second window after a short delay. She must utilize her dash within this time window. Otherwise, the ability will run its course, whether she uses it. 

shroud thinks this nerf may nudge players to look at other potential replacements. It’s quite a bold statement since Chamber is still a viable alternative and Yoru remains at the bottom despite the buffs.

“With the new Jett changes, I actually could see way more Yoru’s coming out. Jett is still going to be picked, but I don’t think she’ll be picked as much. I think Yoru’s coming,” shroud said. 

According to the streaming veteran, Yoru would make a viable alternative due to his handy teleport. The master of deception is equipped with tethers that help him escape risky situations. Paired with flashes and an extremely powerful decoy, it makes sense why players may think of him as the ideal stand-in. If anything, Yoru may actually do Jett’s job better than her due to his kit being more aggressive. 

Whatever the case, the new Jett tweaks have indeed shone a light on other agents that couldn’t be an active part of gameplay. Players instantly went for Jett in competitive games for her forgiving kit that was ummatched. Tailwind was her forte, but now players may finally opt for new characters due to the drastic nerf.