shroud says CSGO is easier than Valorant during live stream

Fariha Bhatti • May 21, 16:30

Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional player Micheal “shroud” Grzesiek thinks Valorant requires both more patience and more effort than CSGO. 

There’s no end to the comparisons between CSGO and Valve’s new shooter due to their unmistakable similarities. If it weren’t for Riot’s unique agent ability twist, Valorant would easily be a seen as a straight copy of CSGO. However, the two games aren’t exactly the same. Shooting mechanics differ between the two, brought to light multiple times by CSGO pros who dislike Valorant’s spray patterns. 

In his recent broadcast, Twitch streamer shroud looked visibly frustrated while playing a game of Valorant on Icebox. A viewer noticed that he rages more in Valorant than in CSGO, and shroud didn’t disagree. The FPS expert said that Valorant is more frustrating than Counter-Strike due to the skill level of players. 

“CS is fucking easy. [Valorant] is stressful.,” shroud said. 

shroud is known for his chill streams, but he’s made several highlights for his rage flashes while playing Valorant. This time, he’s just annoyed with the skill level of his opposition in Valorant, which wasn’t always the case in his former game of CSGO. 

shroud has spent over five years playing pro CSGO and was a decorated name in the scene when at his best. His knowledge about FPS games add tons of weight to his words. Naturally, his recent comparison has stirred the pot in the competitive realm. 

While Valorant is likely a more complex shooter due to its varied agent abilities, CSGO’s learning curve is just as steep, just in different ways. Valve’s shooter offers equal utility to all players, making it harder for players to customize new strategies and come out as the better team in an equal playing field. In Valorant, different agents present very different ideas in how best to succeed.

Does shroud still play CSGO? 

shroud is rarely seen playing CSGO on Twitch, and he is streaming more Valorant now more than ever. 

shroud has previously thrashed CSGO multiple times and called it “garbage” due to its well-known cheating problem. The former pro said he’d love to return to CSGO if it was any good, but he’d rather lose in Valorant than play against cheaters in CSGO. Clearly, shroud believes that Valorant is the better tactical shooter experience for the time being. 


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