CSGO top player s1mple rains kills in Valorant, calls it “too simple”

Fariha Bhatti • March 24, 17:37

Watching Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players try Valorant is always a treat for fans of both FPS games. Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev’s recent stream was not only loaded with hilarious highlights, but he had a lot to say about the game mechanics.

s1mple is pegged as one of CSGO’s most gifted players and stats back these claims. The Ukrainian star has ruled the CSGO realm for many years with his trusted AWP, eventually becoming one of the best CSGO players in the world. His unmatched AWPing skills, agility, game knowledge have undoubtedly made him one of CSGO’s most valuable patrons. So when he announced a Valorant stream, fans were excited, surprised, and impatient to watch him in action. 

The Valorant wave that swallowed a large chunk of North American CSGO pros is currently having its second episode. During this time, s1mple announcing Valorant stream had the CSGO fans on their toes, but his sentiments towards the game were enough to calm the agitated fans. 

Prior to going live, he tweeted that Valorant is too “simple” for him. However, the CSGO pro looked stressed out at agent abilities raining from all angles, bad spray patterns, and poor movement. 

The AWPER streamed for over six hours and played ten ranked games. He mainly rolled with duelists, with Omen making a guest appearance on Ascent. While his individual scoreboard looked decent, s1mple’s ability usage was not much different from any other new Valorant player. The 23-year old flashed his teammates as Pheonix’s curveball slipped out his hand. The mistake cost the team the entire map and had the Twitch chat spamming laughter emojis. 

s1mple says Valorant Operator is broken 

If there’s anyone who understands Sniper mechanics to the core, it’s s1mple. The star AWPER has been carrying NAVI’s AWP for years, propelling the team to various major victories. When he picked up Valorant’s Operator, he wasn’t particularly impressed. 

s1mple tried getting a few kills with AWP but refrained from touching the weapon again after calling it “broken and a shit weapon.” 

“Let noobs play with Op. They just need to stay, hide and kill. It’s so stupid man,” s1mple said. 

The argument that s1mple is still too new to the game to be good with snipers doesn’t work well here. Valorant and CSGO’s mechanics may vary, but the difference is negligible for experienced pro players like s1mple. In his own words, “All shooter games are my game.” 

The Operator isn’t the only weapon that he dragged through the dirt. The CSGO pro hates the knife and Vandal spray as well. Despite the visible struggle, s1mple managed to win four matches and earned platinum three rank, the highest you can open after Episode 2 Act 1. 


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