Should the Classic be nerfed in Valorant?

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 28, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s free pistol, the Classic, continues to be the hot topic among Valorant players, since some still believe it’s too overpowered.

Classic is a go-to weapon for teams that value their armors and utility in the first round. While some players choose to upgrade their pistol at the cost of utility, others stick with the free default weapon. Classic can be extremely rewarding on first rounds, thanks to their powerful alternate fire. 

Despite a nerf in patch 2.0, players still believe Classic is an unfair pistol. Its burst mode is the culprit behind the hate, which can be highly deadly in close-range duels. Triple pellet fire can finish off an unarmored or injured enemy, making it a viable pick for the first round. 

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Does Classic right-click need to be nerfed? 

The Classic may seem like an overpowered weapon, but it’s actually perfectly balanced in the current game meta. The sidearm’s viability depends on the enemy’s health, armor, and duel range.

Currently, teams invest both in utility-armor combination and Ghost pistol. There is no textbook way of working through the first round, as all sidearms serve a particular purpose in the game. This leads to an assortment of weapons, strategies, and ability-based play in initial rounds. For example, less tactical agents like Reyna, Jett often go for the Ghost worth 500 Creds. These agents have higher chances of escaping life-threatening situations, and still, bag kills with Ghost’s one tap. In contrast, agents like Killjoy and Cypher that contribute to teamplay opt for the free pistol to invest in their utility and armor.

The Alt-fire or right-click burst provides these agents with the necessary firepower to survive the first round. If the pistol gets nerfed, all agents will be forced into the same category, taking away the utility aspect of Valorant. The Ghost will likely become the default sidearm, leaving zero variation in pistol rounds. Less utility plays will be seen in eco and first rounds, bringing gunplay to the center of Valorant.

Currently, the Classic is just as punishing in long-range duels as it’s rewarding in close-range battles, making it a hit-or-miss weapon. 

Patch 2.0 nerfs heavily balanced the sidearm by boosting the firing error in movement. Previously, the Classic’s burst fire mode was insanely accurate, even when shot mid-air. By increasing the spread of the bullets after every try, Riot reduced Classic’s spamming ability.

Considering the current Valorant meta, there’s likely no need for new changes to any sidearm, including the Classic.