Should CSGO introduce a solo-only queue for ranked matchmaking?

By Steven Rondina


Jun 20, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matchmakingexperience can be a difficult one, and it’s not just because of hackers.

Running into a troll or booster is a common occurrence in the ranked experience of CSGO, and more often than not they travel in packs. Because of that, CSGO players are floating around the idea of an exclusive solo queue option. This would afford players the choice to play matches exclusively made up of players who are solo queueing.

The idea of a separate matchmaking system that is exclusive to players without a party has been floated in many multiplayer games, but hasn’t been implemented often. Players from games like League of Legends and various battle royales have pushed for the idea on social media, but it’s rarely been taken up by developers.

Valve isn’t completely resistant to the idea, as an exclusive solo queue has been utilized in Dota 2 for some time now. The company was squeamish about it initially, activating it and deactivating it repeatedly before eventually leaving it on for certain ranked modes.

Though an exclusive solo queue would be great in some ways, there are some tradeoffs. 

The biggest issue lies in longer queue times. Recent matchmaking changes in CSGO have driven up queue times across all maps, with Ancient, Train, and Vertigo often having estimated wait times over 10 minutes in some regions, even during normal hours. Splitting up the player base would drive those wait times further up, which could force other changes like removing the ability to opt out of specific maps.

Valve hasn’t said anything in response to the request, but the good news is the traditionally indifferent publisher seems to be actually trying to make the CSGO experience better than it has been in the past. If enough players call for it, it could eventually lead to action.

Is it possible to rank up in CSGO solo queue?

It is possible to rank up in CSGO solo queue even if you’re feeling stuck at silver, but there are plenty of pitfalls to be found along the way. When top CSGO talents decide to take a break from FACEIT and other third-party matchmaking services and return to regular matchmaking, they will still be placed into high ranks. 

This was seen in 2019 when Michael “shroud” Grzesiek returned to CSGO matchmaking. Though he received a surprisingly low Master Guardian Elite rank, that’s still better than over 85% of CSGO players.

The best way to rank up in CSGO solo is to simply get better at the game. This doesn’t just apply to aim, as there are plenty of sharpshooters that exclusively lock in Dust 2 and can’t get out of silver. CSGO players can always tighten up their aim and movement skills, but can also make progress through strong communication and effective utility usage. And of course, don’t be toxic. That doesn’t help anyone.