These 5 tips can get you out of CSGO’s silver ranks

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 19, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Are you still stuck at silver ranks even after spending many hours in the game? Aim is not the only thing you need to rank up faster in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

It’s no cakewalk to rank up in CSGO, especially if you’re new to this style of game. CSGO requires a deep understanding and a lot of time from players due to its complex mechanics. Unfortunately, players often direct all of their focus on shooting and aim practice, which is why they find themselves stuck at a lower rank. 

Tweaking your play style a little can help you get better at CSGO and climb its ranks faster. Here are five areas that you may want to start working on in order to get out of silver. 

Better communication

Your aim doens’t mean much if you and your teammates can’t correctly call out enemy locations. You can easily decorate your scoreboard with solo kills, but winning is only possible with the help of your teammates. Try communicating and planning a round strategy with your squad, actively giving callouts, and learn the basics of good communication. 

Team Liquid’s star professional player Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowsk has stressed that good communication is paramount in CSGO. 

Increase your map knowledge

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It’s near impossible to rank up more quickly when all you play is Dust 2. Spam playing one map will restrict your knowledge of the game, and you will keep queuing up with a player who have already mastered that same old map. Most CSGO players play Dust 2 by default and know every corner like the backs of their hands. It’s challenging to win against some of these players. But you might outsmart the same players on a different map like Inferno, Ancient, or Overpass. 

Try playing map-specific practice ranges where you can expand your map knowledge and learn crucial prefire points. 

Use custom lobbies

There’s nothing wrong with solo queuing, but the painful process of ranking up becomes a little more tolerable when you have familiar voices on team chat.  Default team setups, utility coordination, and communication come more naturally in a set lobby of friendly players. 

Use better utility

There’s a reason the max limit for cash in CSGO is 16000, far more than is needed to just by weapons and armor. Miscellaneous utility helps weaken the enemy and nullifies their tactics, ultimately enabling your team to get the win. Aim tactics fall short against higher-ranked players who are slick with utility usage. Even if you do get outside of Silver ranks on the back of your aim, you’ll fall back down due to a drastically more considered play style at higher levels. 

It’s recommended to learn default lineups, basic setups, and pop-flashes to strengthen your overall game style. 

Understand the CSGO economy

Many hard stuck gold nova players don’t understand the game’s economy. Money management in CSGO is imperative, no matter what rank you’re playing at. It’s recommended to buy and save with your teammates, communicate the state of your personal economy, and smartly spend your money when you do.