Shaymin now available in Pokemon BDSP with mystery gift item

By Steven Rondina


Feb 28, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

At long last, the mythical Pokemon Shayman has arrived in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Legally, that is.

Shaymin has technically been available from the start for everyone that owns Pokemon BDSP. A variation on the menu glitch that allowed players to freely duplicate Pokemon also allowed players to glitch their way into almost completely unrestricted movement in the game. This allowed players to manipulate their way into catching Shaymin without the need for any sort of special event.

Those that haven’t been exploiting bugs now have the chance to catch Shaymin through normal means by using the new Oak’s Letter item. Here’s how to get Oak’s Letter and how to catch Shaymin in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

New Pokemon BDSP mystery gift code for Oak’s Letter

The mystery gift to start the quest does not require a code. Players simply need to use the “Get via Internet” option before March 27, 2022.

This will very likely be players’ only chance to get Shaymin in Pokemon BDSP. It’s uncertain if Oak’s Letter will ever become available again. So if you’re interested in catching Shaymin, now is the time to do it.

Can I still get Shaymin in Pokemon BDSP?

Players can only get Shaymin in Pokemon BDSP if they obtain the necessary mystery gift between February 27 and March 27, 2022. Once those dates expire, Shaymin may no longer be available to Pokemon trainers.

Players can catch Shaymin in Pokemon BDSP by using the mystery gift function to obtain Oak’s Letter. This opens up a new area that contains Shaymin.

How to catch Shaymin in Pokemon BDSP

In order to catch Shaymin in Pokemon BDSP, players need to have Oak’s Letter and the National Dex. Players can obtain Oak’s Letter as soon as they have the ability to get mystery gifts, but players won’t be able to actually catch Shaymin until they’ve reached obtained the National Pokedex and become the champion. This includes defeating the Elite Four and Cynthia and completing the Sinnoh Pokedex.

Blog post image
This NPC blocks the path to Route 224.

After completing these goals, players can enter Route 224, which can be accessed through the eastern exit of Victory Road. The eastern exit of Victory road is near the northern exit towards the Pokemon League. An NPC blocks this exit until players have become champion and get the National Dex.

After gaining access to Route 224, players need to follow the path and head north until they findProfessor Oak. Speak with Oak and he will ask who the player is grateful for. Any answer will open up a new path that allows the player to encounter Shaymin.

Is Shaymin shiny-locked in Pokemon BDSP?

No, Shaymin is not shiny-locked in Pokemon BDSP. This means players do have a chance to catch a shiny Shaymin.

While not everyone is going to be interested in resetting their way to a shiny Shaymin, this is a chance to obtain a completely legal shiny mythical Pokemon. That makes it an opportunity that any shiny hunter should take advantage of.

Where to find Gracidea in Pokemon BDSP

The Gracidea flower can be obtained after catching Shaymin and talking with an NPC in Floaroma Town. The NPC can be found in the center of town, northeast of the NPCs that give the player Mew and Jirachi.

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This NPC will give players the Gracidea.

The Gracidea can be used to transform Shaymin into its Sky Forme which has higher speed and offensive stats with lower defenses. This can only be done during daytime hours, and if the player puts a Sky Forme Shaymin into their box it will revert back to its normal hedgehog self.