Sentinels’ sicK seeks therapy, apologizes for offensive tweets

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 2, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant pro player Hunter “sicK” Mims has finally apologized for his “erratic” behavior, which has been making headlines in the past few days. 

NA Valorant is flush with drama and controversy, but things took a wild turn when sicK started posting alarming tweets regarding his personal life and friends. His behavior led him to Sentinel’s bench after an indefinite suspension. But the organization still has his back. 

In a lengthy tweet, sicK recently revealed that he’s going into therapy soon paid by Sentinels to reflect on his recent behavior that caused concerned among fans. He also apologized for some questionable posts that many found sexist and offensive.

“This will be a long journey, so I anticipate that I’ll continue to make some missteps, but I appreciate the support as I try to work through all this,” sicK said.

Valorant pro sicK goes into therapy 


sicK is one the brightest and most mechanically talented players on Sentinel’s roster, so fans were concerned when he broke up with his girlfriend after a public tiff. However, his posts on social media eventually became more concerning, prompting a response from his friends and colleagues. 

While some said he should be held accountable for problematic tweets, including one with a racial slur, others argued that he was going through a tough time and should be given a pass and help. It seems that sicK is finally coming around with support from his organization. 

The Valorant streamer and pro player has deleted most of those tweets, apologizing for his behavior. Fans of the game have also lauded Sentinels for still helping sicK, even though he was suspended long ago. 

Now, fans are sending best wishes for his journey, which will likely be a long one, according to sicK. Whatever the case, the Valorant community is excited to see him back on the server in a healthy shape.