s1mple unbanned on Twitch after just one week

Nick Johnson • August 5, 20:01

Twitch has reversed Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev’s ban nearly one week after the streaming service banned the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive star’s account.

It’s still unclear why s1mple was originally banned, but Natus Vincere’s star player seems to have avoided a permanent ban under Twitch’s three-strike policy, despite last week’s ban checking the box as his third suspension from the platform. s1mple has been banned twice before, both times for the use of a homophobic slur while streaming CSGO. Interestingly, Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko, s1mple’s old teammate and former in-game leader at Na`Vi, had been banned at a similar time and saw his own unban come in immediately after s1mple’s.

s1mple avoids permanent suspension from Twitch after third ban

The two bans set s1mple up for a permanent break from Twitch last week. Rumors indicated that s1mple’s most recent ban might stem from impostors posing as s1mple while replaying his streams. Replies to s1mple’s tweet criticizing his ban show that a vast majority of those accounts are still live.

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Twitch doesn’t typically comment on its ban policy or provide explanations for specific bans it hands out, but there’s a growing call for it to be more specific, especially when prominent streamers on its platform run afoul of its nebulous rules. With more explanation, critics say, Twitch users and streamers would have more clarification on what is and isn’t acceptable on the platform. Additionally, inconsistent enforcement of its ban policies has angered its users, who claim that Twitch plays favorites when handing down the dreaded lockouts.

s1mple hasn’t commented on the ban since July 29 when he told fans that Twitch had still not informed him of the reason he was banned while also drawing attention to the fake accounts and their scam giveaways. It’s clear that s1mple was more than irritated with his third ban in less than a year, and it’s unclear when fans will see the CSGO star return to the streaming platform. 


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