s1mple, Natus Vincere roast DreamEaters over poaching allegations

Steven Rondina • September 11, 22:44

Roster poaching seems to be one of the hottest topics in esports these days and apparently, some teams actually want to be a part of that discussion.

Russia’s DreamEaters got a bit of shine at the StarLadder Berlin Major. The squad advanced out of the Challengers Stage thanks to surprise wins over NRG Esports and Team Vitality and, despite a quick 0-3 exit from the Legends Stage, established themselves as a team to watch in the CIS region.

Whether the organization’s staff was just feeling pumped up from their success or were just trying to have a bit of a laugh, the team decided to crack wise about Natus Vincere and the departure of Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko on Twitter.

“Natus Vincere, if you want to find a replacement for Zeus, don’t even look at us,” DreamEaters said on Twitter. “We won’t give anyone to you.”

The initial response was one of questions and confusion. The second response was vicious memeing at DreamEaters’ expense.

The official Natus Vincere Twitter account responded with a Simpsons-themed meme that portrayed DreamEaters as Ralph Wiggum. This was followed by Na’Vi star Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev doing the same, but with a .GIF from Anchorman that reads “We are laughing.”

To their credit, DreamEaters was undeterred as they kept the bit going when news broke that Na’Vi coach Mykhailo “kane” Blagin was set to retire. Still, this one goes down as a clean “L” for the team.

Natus Vincere roast DreamEaters on Twitter

Natus Vincere’s new player probably isn’t from DreamEaters


What led to this back-and-forth is unclear, but any concerns over Na’Vi poaching DreamEaters’ roster currently seem to be unjustified. Following the tweets, rumors began swirling that the team is looking to bring in Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács to replace him.

At the moment, GuardiaN is currently attached to FaZe Clan but the organization was seen running practices without him. This, alongside FaZe’s disappointing performance at the Berlin Major, had led to rumors that he was set to split from the team. GuardiaN remains a gifted player and played with Natus Vincere for years before joining FaZe. He could be a strong addition to the team, despite some previous drama with s1mple.

That said, the addition of GuardiaN is not yet confirmed. Zeus will be departing following BLAST Pro Series: Moscow which starts on September 13. Expect a definite replacement to be revealed around that time.


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