Run and gun accuracy in CS2 looks worse than Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 7, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

If you thought run and gun was bad in Valorant, wait until you see this video shared by a CS2 analyst.

Popular CS personality Jacob “Pimp” Winneche took to X to share a snippet from his CS2 playtest. In a practice server, the analyst demonstrated just how accurate shooting while running is in CS2.

FPS players know that Valorant had a severe run and gun issue which took Riot almost two years to make less annoying. But it still persists. Now, those who favored CSGO for its demanding skill ceiling that compelled players to hone their accuracy may face a similar issue in Counter-Strike 2.

Players concerned about run and gun accuracy in CS2


CS2 is still in beta, and the final product may vary by a massive stretch, but so far, the game looks easier compared to its predecessor. The video shared by Pimp makes run and gun look so accurate that half the players are convinced it’s a bug.

In the video, Pimp can be seen running towards the bots and shooting them left and right with a pistol. Unless you’re a pro who has insane control over in-game movement, this shouldn’t be possible. Even Pimp agreed that the accuracy is so good even “his grandma” could pull this off.  

“The running accuracy is out of this world in CS2. Valve, you gotta take a look at this whenever you have time,” Pimp said before annihilating the bots while running.

The sight looked awfully similar to what Valorant looked like in 2021. The issue is still there, but it’s less severe. Now, many believe that this is intentional to make CS2 noob-friendly. Others think it’s likely a bug that Valve would fix before rolling out the game. 

In any case, the run and gun looks too accurate, and if this is the final gunplay, the old-timers may want to prepare to lose their minds against P90 exploiters.